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Tipper Control Valves

Tipper control valves

Tipper Control Valves

Hydraulic tipper control valves for direct mounting to tank

Remote mount kits also available

Selection of replacement brands including EDBRO, HARSH, HYVA, HYDROCAR




bezares tipper valvelogo Bezares webRGB

01X36T  -  Bezares Tipper Valve

Remote mount kit also available.


Edbro tipper valve

Edbro Tipper Valve

This is an old type valve.  Ring for an alternative replacement.


harsh tipping valve

07VALVESD11S/A - Harsh Tipping Valve

Harsh direct replacement tipper control valve



hydrocar tipper valve D160PP164CO


32130001 - Hydrocar Tipper Valve (D160PP164CO)

Remote mount kit avalable.  Follow link for Diagram sheet.


hydraulic tipper valve D130PP164PO


3213130 - Hydrocar Tipper Valve (D130PP164PO)


hyva tipper valve

120044 - Hyva Tipper Valve

Mounts directly to Hyva tanks.

Remote mount kit available

tipper valve


08107 - Tipper Valve 1/2" S/A + Air




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