Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Lightweight RiteSpec Grab Bucket


We are now able to offer lighter weight PCM RiteSpec grab / muckaway buckets painted in PCM orange.

 Sizes available are:  100LT, 125LT, 150LT, 175LT, 200LT, 225LT, 250LT, 300LT & 400LT.

  • Robust Design / Efficient Handling
  • High closing force
  • Original Hardox material reversible cutting edges: pre-drilled for fitment of replacement edges
  • Reinforced bucket shells to counter damage caused by large objects
  • Fully hardened pins and bushes throughout
  • Twist resistant
  • Mounting holes to suit all major manufacturers rotators
  • Dual compensator bars protected by heavy steel plate
  • Bucket can be supplied with weldable hooks if requested

500lt and 150lt Bucket

Light weight grab / muckaway bucket 2    light weight grab / muckaway bucket 3    light weight grab / muckaway bucket 4

300lt and 100lt Bucket


100lt Bucket

Tiny bucket 1   tiny bucket 2   tiny bucket 3

These small light weight clamshell/grab buckets can be used for small trenches, excavations, landscaping, smaller utility vehicles etc. They are also useful for lifting and loading material in tight and limited spaces.

We now offer a full range of buckets with the option of removable side panels to convert the bucket into a pole or log grab.  Ring our Sales team with all enquires on 01327 842808

tiny bucket 4   tiny bucket 5

Phone picSales Team :  01327 842808

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