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Flat Face Quick Release couplings

Flat Face QR Couplings main

Full size range available (either from stock or order).




Flat mating faces are easily wiped clean to prevent the ingress of contaminants.

Improved flow path minimises the pressure drop.

Non-spill design avoids fluid loss during connection and disconnection

No air intrusion during connection.

Locking sleeve prevents accidental disconnection. 

Maximum working pressure

1/4"   400 bar

3/8"   375 bar

1/2"   375 bar  (dependent on body size)

1/2"   350 bar  (dependent on body size)

3/4"   350 bar

1"      350 bar

1¼"   315 bar

1½"   250 bar

2"      250 bar


Flat Face QR Couplings 2   Flat Face QR Couplings 3


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