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Split Shaft PTOs

Chelsea Split shaft PTO pump

Split Shaft PTOs

These specialised units are typically fitted between the gearbox and drive axle of a vehicle, where a single or double heavy duty output is required. Units can be supplied with drive flange outputs or configured for direct pump mounting or a combination of both.
PTO drives can be separately engaged / disengaged, and in certain low vehicle speed applications can be used while the vehicle itself is in motion.
Smaller versions of this type can be configured on larger vehicles to be driven by a PTO unit from the vehicles main gearbox and to then split the drive giving increased output options.

These PTO's are available to order.  Call our Sales team on 01327 842808 with all enquiries.

BZ PC4 30002    Twin splittercomp1  

  Twin splitter comp3   Twin splitter comp 4   Twin splitter comp 5  

Twin splitter comp 6   Twin splitter comp 7   Twin splitter comp8  

Twin splitter comp9

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