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Clutch Type PTO Range

Volvo PTO 3

Clutch Type PTO Units

The Clutch Type PTO is gaining in popularity for a number of applications. The latest friction materials technology has enabled these units to have a service life approaching that of conventional type units in all applications and exceeding it in others.
Where there is a need for frequent engagement / dis-engagement of the PTO unit a clutch type will provide a softer take up of drive, lessening the stress on both gearbox, PTO unit and hydraulic pump.
If there is a probability of operators not engaging / disengaging a conventional type unit correctly, (where perhaps the main clutch is not used causing wear on engagement gears),  a clutch type unit will give superior service life.

  • Engagement / dis-engagement independent of vehicle clutch
  • Commonly used on waste / municipal vehicle applications
  • Pump / flange drive options available
  • PCM can supply a choice of units from all the current manufacturers and can aid the customer with advice on specifying the correct unit for all applications.



Mercedes clutch type 4         2 bolt clutch pto webster      LC0101web2    

Bezares Clutch Type PTO   01SC401AT2   01SC401AT4

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