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  1. The Grab/Clamshell Bucket is built according to the EC Machinery Directive 89/392 as modified with the EC norms 91/368 and 93/44 and to the European Norm EN 292 1st / 2nd part.

    Fitting information Operation

  2. The grab bucket should be fitted to a loader crane of suitable capacity, using suitably rated link and rotator.

  3. The grab bucket should be fitted by a suitably qualified person.

  4. High tensile (at least 10.9 grade) 16mm attachment bolts should be used to attach the grab to the rotator mounting plate, and the shoulders of the bolts should extend through the rotator and bucket mounting hole. Set screws (i.e threaded to the head) should not be used.

  5. When fitted, the working pressure on the grab during operation must not exceed 200 bar when closing, 20 bar when opening. The lower opening pressure is to ensure that damage does not occur to the compensating mechanism, if the bucket is prevented from fully opening by, for example, the sides of an excavation or skip.

  6. When used for the handling of particularly abrasive material it is recommended that the bucket is fitted with optional “bolt-on” cutting edges.

  7. After fitting and pressure checking, the bucket should be operated a few times fully open and fully closed, so as to operate the respective relief valves, in order to purge any air out of the system.

    Safety Information

    In addition to the maintenance information, the following safety information may be considered in addition to the normal safe operation of a loader crane without attachments.

  8. Do not attempt to overload the bucket by forcing down into a pile of material.

  9. Do not attempt to slew the bucket with the rotator while in contact with the ground or material.

  10. Never stand under the bucket, or allow others to stand under the bucket while loader crane is in operation.

  11. Never attempt to grease or otherwise work on the bucket if the loader crane is operative

  12. Do not attempt to lift items by clamping between the cutting edges.

  13. Do not attach chains or slings to the bucket, unless fitted with approved and tested attachment points.

    Maintenance Information

  1. All maintenance must be carried out with the equipment secured and with the operating machinery switched off.

  2. All maintenance should be carried out by skilled, trained personnel only.

  3. Grease suitably all joints DAILY and in case of occasional use only, grease joints prior to use. Only use synthetic lithium based, extreme pressure grease with a consistency of NLGI 2.

  4. Nuts, bolts, pins, plugs and bushes should be checked at regular intervals.

  5. Hose lines, hose connections and fittings should be checked at regular intervals.

  6. Always use original spare parts.

    General Warranty Terms – (full Terms and Conditions available on request)

  1. The company will make good by repair or replacement (at the company’s option) defects in goods supplied or manufactured by the company, which under proper use occur within 12 months of the supply date, which will be deemed to be the invoice date.

  2. The product warranty is strictly limited to defects in material and manufacturing and does not include damage caused by incorrect mounting, improper fitment, modifications, misuse, abuse, over-loading, etc.

  3. Any claim for warranty arising from improper fitment, alteration, modification or unsuitable purpose will be rejected.

  4. Validation of warranty claims will be assessed by the company by examination and testing at the company’s premises.

  5. The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage consequential to a warranty claim by a customer.



    If you require any further advice or assistance, please contact your supplier.


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