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The components supplied to you are in accordance with your specification supplied to us at the time of purchase.

The mounting onto the vehicle of the components should be done according to the vehicle manufacturers recommendations.

This information (pack?) contains Health & Safety guidelines which must be read and understood before work starts.

A schematic drawing of the system identifies the various components and their relationship.

A separate sheet identifies the cab control connections and should be read in conjunction with sheet (D7 / D8). The kit has four different pipe colours to enable services to be easily identified after being bundled.

A separate sheet identifies the hydraulic valve and should be read in conjunction with sheet (D6) and (D9).

Air pipes should be routed away from heat sources. Hydraulic pipes should be routed and clamped if possible to avoid heat and abrasions. The hydraulic valve is pre-set and sealed to a nominal setting of 160 bar. This pressure should be checked upon the commissioning of the system before attachment to a trailer. A gauge port is provided on the hydraulic valve as shown in sheet (D6).

Any adjustments to the set pressure should only be made after consulting the supplier. The caution sticker provided should be positioned so as to be in the drivers view when at the controls. The control unit should be positioned in the operators view and should not present a danger of being accidently operated.


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