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By-pass Valves

The by-pass valve is an unloading valve for the piston pump, providing remote switching between idling and operation.  They are usually found on vehicles fitted with hydraulic equipment that needs to be manouvered when on the move and the PTO is not disengaged during transport i.e.  refuse collection trucks, road sweepers, concrete mixers.  The valve is controlled from the driver's cab and makes it possible to provide oil to the vehicle's hydraulic equipment when necessary.


Rear Bypass Valve 2Bezares Piston Pump Rear Bypass Valve

 Rear Bypass Valve 3


Parker Rear Bypass Valve 1

 Parker Piston Pump Rear Bypass Valve

Parker Rear Bypass Valve 2


Sunfab Rear Bypass Valve 1

 Sunfab Piston Pump Rear Bypass Valve

Sunfab Rear Bypass Valve 2


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