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Bezares compact gear hydraulic pto pump


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Bezares Compact Gear Pump - 4 bolt

Pressures up to 270 bar

Sizes available:  8cc, 12cc, 17cc, 20cc, 25cc, 30cc, 40cc and 45cc Bi-Rotational

With both side and rear suction and pressure ports


bezares standard gear hydraulic pto pump


 Bezares Standard Type Gear Pump

All pumps suitable for pto/pump combinations.



0265060CT Bezares Bent Axis Piston Pump

Working pressures up to 350 bar, 400 bar peak.

Sizes available:  20cc, 30cc, 40cc, 60cc, 80cc & 110cc



TDZ Vane Pump 0209063CT3


Bezares Vane Pump

TDZ / Bezares 2 Bolt Vane Pump


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