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Hydrocar compact gear hydraulic pto pump

Hydrocar Compact Gear Pump

Pressures up to 280 bar

Sizes available:  11cc, 16cc, 22cc, 28cc & 32cc

With both side and rear suction and pressure ports

                                                           3bolt   13 spline shaft


Hydrocar heavy duty gear hydraulic pto pump


Hydrocar Heavy Duty Gear Pump

Pressures up to 300 bar

Sizes available:  75cc, 85cc, 100cc, 116cc, 130cc & 150cc

Side inlet ports and side & rear outlet ports

3 bolt   6 spline shaft


Hydrocar Standard hydraulic gear pto pump


Hydrocar Standard Type Gear Pump

Sizes available in this range:  15cc, 22cc, 34cc, 43cc, 57cc, 65cc, 90cc & 110cc.

Available in side inlet ports and side and rear outlet ports

3 bolt  6 spline shaft




hydrocar fox bent axis piston hydraulic pto pumpHydrocar Fox Bent Axis Piston Pump

Sizes available:  25cc, 34cc, 47cc, 64cc, 84cc & 108cc

Working pressures up to 450 bar, 500 bar peak

                                                          4 bolt   8 spline shaft

                                                         All pumps suitable for pto/pump combinations.

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