Sunfab bent axis piston hydraulic pto pump

Sunfab Bent Axis Piston Pump

The heavy duty all steel design of the Sunfab pump and its ability to work at higher pressures than aluminium bodies types has made this pump the choice for sustained high pressures and heavy duty applications.

As modern loader crane working pressures increase the extra performance margin of the Sunfab pump can be considered against its slightly higher weight.

Working pressure up to 400 bar.

Sizes available:  12cc, 17cc, 25cc, 34cc, 47cc, 56cc, 64cc, 84cc, 90cc, 108cc & 130cc + twin 53/53, 75/75cc.

Twin Flow Pumps

Where there are space limitations and a compact installation is desirable, along with a requirement for higher pressures than a gear pump combination can supply, a twin output bent axis pump may be an option. Working on the same principle as a single delivery bent axis pump, the twin output type has a dual co-axial piston arrangement allowing two independent outputs. The output flows have a number of options, of which PCM stock the standard range, while further options are available by special order.

Examples of models available.  Call our Sales team on 01327 842808 with all enquiries


sunfab twin flow hydraulic pto pump

Sunfab Twin Flow Pump 53/53
Not rotation sensitive




sunfab twin flow hydraulic pto pump

Sunfab Twin Flow Pump 75/75
Rotation sensitive






Variable Displacement Pump

sunfab variable hydraulic pto pump

The Sunfab SVH is a variable axial piston pump for load sensing systems and are ideal for various lorry loader crane applications.
Rotation sensitive.


Advantages of the Sunfab SVH:

  • Short reaction time when resetting the flow
  • Compact installation dimensions
  • High pressure
  • Externally drained for best cooling

These pumps are available from PCM stock for immediate delivery/collection.

All pumps suitable for pto/pump combinations.