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Quality Statement Gear Pumps

As part of our purchasing policy, and to ensure we are offering our customers only the best quality and value for money, PCM often subject "lookalike" products from secondary suppliers to testing and evaluation.

Time and again this testing has satisifed our engineers that you do indeed "get what you pay for".  Our comprehensive range of gear pumps are sourced only from proven European manufacturers.  PCM have no hesitation in recommending that only the best quality pumps should be installed at the heart of a customer's hydraulic system.


 The gear type pump has many applications in the low and medium pressure range of vehicle hydraulic equipment.  Usually constructed using steel gears and cast iron body they are simple and rugged.

Most tipping and ejector duties along with some skip vehicles, recovery vehicles and access platforms are comfortable within the performance range of either a standard or heavy duty gear pump.

Typically the price is significantly less than either a vane or piston type pump.

On some smaller vehicle applications such as tippers PCM also offer a highly competitive budget range of gear pumps in the 15 - 40 lpm range.

PCM hold in stock hundreds of gear pumps for truck applications from most leading manufacturers enabling us to replace most units on a "like for like" basis.

All the currently used sizes, flanges, port and input shaft configurations are held in stock, along with conversions, flanges and port adaptors.

Our test facility can test any gear pump likely to be used on a commercial vehicle application.


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