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Vane Pumps


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PCM are stockists of the TDZ/Bezares range of vane pumps in varioius sizes.  PCM are also now officially authorised by TDZ / Bezares to offer a vane pump building service to provide end users, small OEMs and hydraulic system suppliers an opportunity to receive TDZ vane pump products with minimal lead times.  This services offers a quick turnaround for supply of new vane pumps and is supported by a comprehensive TDZ stock programme.  


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Double Vane Pump


Double Vane Pump

Double output pump normally used in the recycling industry.



Denison Twin Vane Pump

Denison Equivalent range of Vane pumps

PCM are stockists for the Denison equivalent range of Vane Pumps including T6C, T6CC, T6GCC, T6GC, T6CM etc. Long regarded as the industry standard on refuse vehicles, this pump type has other applications where its features offer advantages over other types of pump.

It is relatively short and compact for its delivery capacity, the port orientation can be easily configured, the capacity and rotation of both single and twin types can be easily changed and re-conditioning is easy and cheap using replacement cartridge units.

The flow characteristics give a smoother delivery than some piston types and a slightly "softer" start to flow.

PCM have on the shelf a range of both single and twin types, along with a full range of optional and repair cartridges and seals. PCM also offer a vane pump option on its range of diesel engines / hydraulic power units, where the pump's ability to cope with sustained high speed running can be a desirable feature.

twin output hydraulic pto pump

Twin Output Type Pump


  • 1 suction, 2 outlets various port configurations of up to 300 bar max pressure
  • low noise levels
  • wide speed range
  • suitable for applications running at higher speeds
  • cartridge design permits easy conversion and service


Vane Pump 2 Bolt Denison hydraulic pto pump

 2 Bolt Version Denison equivalent Vane Pumps. 

Available ex stock across size range suitable for waste/skip vehicle applications


Vane Pump 4 bolt Denison hydraulic pto pump

4 Bolt Version Denison equivalent Vane Pumps.


Available ex stock across size range suitable for waste/refuse vehicle applications

This pump is a direct fit into the latest type of European pto's with the DIN pattern spline & 4 bolt fixing.

All pumps suitable for pto/pump combinations.



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