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Bent Axis Piston Pumps

Examples of models available in Bent Axis Piston Pumps.  Call our Sales team on 01327 842808 with all enquiries.

All pumps suitable for pto/pump combinations.

0265060CT Bezares Bent Axis Piston Pump

tdz tiny
TDZ / Bezares
Bent Axis Piston Pump

Sizes available:  20cc, 30cc, 40cc, 50cc, 60cc, 80cc & 110cc

Working pressures up to 350 bar, 400 bar peak.


Sunfab bent axis piston hydraulic pto pump

Sunfab Bent Axis Piston Pump

The heavy duty all steel design of the Sunfab pump and its ability to work at higher pressures than aluminium bodied types has made this pump the choice for sustained high pressures and heavy duty applications.

As modern loader crane working pressures increase the extra performance margin of the Sunfab pump can be considered against its slightly higher weight. 

Working pressures up to 400 bar

Sizes available: 12cc, 17cc, 25cc, 34cc, 47cc, 56cc, 64cc, 84cc, 90cc, 108cc, 130cc + twin 53/53cc, 75/75cc.


Parker f1 bent axis piston pto pump

parker logo1

Parker F1+ Bent Axis Piston Pump

Sizes available:  25cc, 41cc, 51cc, 61cc, 81cc, 101cc + twin 53/53cc & 70/35cc

Working pressures up to 350 bar, 400 bar peak

Requires suction fitting adaptor.

The latest F1+ series of Parker pump offers high performance in relation to it's package size.  Its high axis design is useful where space is at a premium, for example when twin pumps may be fitted.  The innovative suction port and special adaptors allow further space and weight saving.


hydrocar fox bent axis piston pto pumpHydrocar
Fox Bent Axis Piston Pump

Sizes available:  25cc, 34cc, 47cc, 64cc, 84cc & 108cc

Working pressures up to 450 bar, 500 bar peak.


Rexroth bent axis piston hydraulic pto pumpBosch Rexroth small logo  
Bosch Rexroth Bent Axis Piston Pump

Available in 4 bolt mounting

  • Suitable for applications requiring pressures up to 350 bar constant and 400 bar peak
  • Rear inlet and outlet ports
  • Rotation easily changed.
  • Sizes available:  23cc, 32cc, 45cc, 63cc, 80cc & 107cc
  • The pump has a quick and easy rotation change facility, is easy to pipe to with standard BSP connectors and is very competitively priced.

0219012BM 0219108BM1HYDRO LEDUC Bent Axis Piston Pump (XP Series)

Sizes available:  12cc to 130cc

Working pressures up to 350 bar, 400 bar peak.

Maximum speed from 1750 to 3150 rpm.

The XP range pumps are designed for the most severe working conditions in terms of:

  • space available
  • drive speed of the pump
  • power required




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