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FAQS system service

System Service and Repairs

How are service intervals set?
Generally on the hours that pump equipment has run, taking into account the working environment.

Is it feasible and practical to service / repair hydraulic systems in house rather than employ a specialist company to carry out the work?
The components such as the PTO, hydraulic pump, valve,rams, motors and pipework that go to make up a hydraulic system, are engineered on the same basic principles as the rest of the vehicle. Therefore, provided that the information on the system and components is available and that the workshop has the test and service equipment required, a qualified commercial vehicle fitter would be able to undertake the work with a small amount of additional training.

What additional workshop and test equipment would be required?
Oil handling equipment able to drain, store and re-fill a hydraulic tank safely and cleanly. A pressure and flow gauge of suitable capacity relative to the equipment to be worked on. An easily adjusted relief valve and a selection of hoses and fittings to enable simple test work to be undertaken.

What is involved in PTO and pump system service operations?
Probably the most difficult part is setiing out a service schedule and identifying each task that needs to be carried out. As components such as pumps and valves should only be supplied with filtered oil, the first step would be to assess the existing equipment and check that the filtration and oil specification is suitable and that a replacement filter is available.

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