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How do I know that your company are not just over specifying equipment to maximise the value of your sale to me ?
PCM are always looking for quality products at keen prices, and have an on going process of obtaining and testing potential products from both new and established suppliers worldwide. Time and again "cheap" products fail to perform satisfactorily, even to their own manufacturers published specification, and many more fail to demonstrate an adequate peformance margin. So over the years, and helped by feedback from many of our existing customers, PCM have developed a range of products which we believe offer genuine value for money.

I do not have the details of my equipment so how, for example, could I find out the flow and pressure I need?
Phone, fax or email us. PCM have a comprehensive library of manufacturers of truck mounted equipment specifications. Stored in both manual and electronic format, this information is available free to all our customers. We have also assembled a huge product cross reference database over the last 25 years, enabling us to identify and replace even obsolete items.

Operating hours?
8.00 - 5.30 pm Mon - Thurs 8.00 - 5.00 pm Fri

Should I purchase hydraulic equipment on price or quality?
Of course price matters but when buying a product for a long service application, before considering price it is essential to specify the correct equipment. It should be noted that the cheaper the product the more the tendancy for that product to only perform near its limits at the expense of its service life. Cheap copies or near copies of established brands , where the standard of materials, manufacturing process , quality testing and inspection systems may fall well below the genuine product's standards should be avoided.

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