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FAQS Technical Advice

Technical Advice and Fitting Instructions

Can I fit a bigger pump to my truck to make the equipment operate faster or lift, push, compact more?
Normally, if you already have the equipment manufacturers specification (in terms of pressure and flow) being produced by the existing pump it is not advisable to increase either the pressure or flow, but if equipment is found to be operating below standard it is worth first checking the pumps actual output.

Can I get the parts required to repair my pump?
If it is a piston pump, yes you can, and it may be economical to repair. However, with a gear pump it will probably be cheaper to replace the whole unit.

Can I re-use a PTO & Pump from a different vehicle to save money, and will PCM be willing to provide information if I don't actually buy anything?
PCM are a commercial operation who live by selling products, but we also take a long term view of customer relations and are willing and able to assist existing and potential customers with cross reference information. It is vital when proposing to change a PTO from one truck to another to be absolutely sure of its compatability, which is not always possible to ascertain from visual examination of the unit. The fitting of an incorrect unit, especially a side mounted unit could cause instant and serious damage to the vehicles gearbox. To enable us to properly advise customers about unit compatability we always require the following information:- Make and type number of the PTO, the make and type number of the pump if fitted, the type of truck and the gearbox details of the truck from which the PTO has been removed, the type of truck and the gearbox details of the truck to which the PTO is going to be fitted. From the pump make and type we can determine the capacity and rotation direction of the unit to check if it is suitable for the new application. If for example it is intended to power a different equipment, this may need a different pressure and flow. If you provide the foregoing information at the time of enquiry, this will considerably help us.

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