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Hatz Diesel Engines

2L41C hatz diesel engine                      Hatz new


  • Available to suit a wide range of applications including ejector trailers / lorry loaders / bulk tipping trailers / gritters etc.
  • PCM currently offer a full range of Hatz diesel engine powerpacks
  • Working in conjunction with Hatz we offer bespoke system solutions for hydraulic applications, including crane and tipper bodies
  • Hatz engines are kept in stock as are the hydraulic tanks, pumps, control valves and hoses
  • We can therefore supply our engine wet kits on a rapid turnaround
  • We offer a full range of Hatz diesel engines from single to 4 cylinders both air and water cooled
  • We stock bellhousings and couplings to suit all standard hatz engine to pump combinations
  • We have the technical experience to configure and fine tune a Hatz powerpack that both optimises efficiency and power and conserves fuel costs whilst maintaining hightly competitive prices
  • Every Hatz Diesel powerpack supplied by PCM is tested on site on our test rig and a print out of the performance sheet is provided


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