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Hatz Diesel Engine Wet Kits

Hatz diesel engine wet kit

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Hatz Diesel Engine Powerpacks have gained respect amongst truck and crane builders alike for their quietness of operation, fuel efficiency and reliability.
We keep in stock Hatz 1D81C, 2L41C, 3L41C and 4L41C both in 12 and 24 volt variants. 
We can also offer the Hatz 2G40 and non silent pack M series of air cooled diesel engines.
The Hatz diesel engine power pack wet kit includes the following components:-

  • Hatz diesel engine
  • Bell housing and coupling
  • Hydraulic gear or piston pump
  • Hydraulic oil tank, tank brackets, straps, return filter, filler breather and level gauge
  • Hose kit to customer's requirement
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Hydraulic control spool valve



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