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Safety Notice - Stabiliser Pads

Polyethylene pads are produced to spread loads imposed by stabiliser jacks upon the surface on which they are deployed.

Their methods of use are included in the training programmes for equipment operator licensing and therefore stabiliser pads should only be used by qualified operators. See LOLAR regulations for further information.

    • Pad choice should be made taking into account the type of duty and conditions likely to be encountered during operations.
    • Pads should not be used to bridge voids.
    • Pads should not be used on brittle surfaces such as manhole covers and drain grating.
    • Pads should not be used to impose loads beyond the minimum required distance from the edge of excavations, river banks, sea walls and similar hazardous situations.
    • Pads which become deformed should be replaced.
    • Pad deformation is an indication that a higher specification pad may be required.
    • Pad lifting handles should be regularly checked for security and wear and replaced if necessary.
    • Pads should be stored away from heat sources likely to exceed 80°.

Some stabiliser pad sizes over 600 x 600 x 60 exceed the safe lifting load for one person and therefore require alternative methods of lifting.

Full material specification is available from PCM by request.